Monday, 29 November 2010


Juergen Teller photograph for a Marc Jacobs ad

Oblivious to most things in life, (such as the fact that Knarles Barkely and Ceelo Green were the same person) it is not surprising that until six weeks ago, I was unaware of the influential Juergen Teller. I was fortunate enough to have the (angora, of course) wool removed from my eyes when researching into the Vivienne Westwood 'Leonard Peltier is Innocent' campaign, featured in her accessories advertisement for 2010/2011, as seen in Dazed and Confused. The controversial yet visually pleasing images appear to be not just one of a kind. With a provocative attitude and a raw sense of edge, it is hardly surprising that Teller has managed to shoot wonders with designers including Miu Miu, Hugo Boss, Alberto Biani; and the typically taboo campaign with Louis Vuitton from 2004.
It is clear to say that his portfolio or his outlandish courage to continue to shock and excite is not something to be oblivious to.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Do you feel alive?

For some bizarre reason, and perhaps seemingly a little out of character, I have a love for skull's. Despite the fact that this style hit the mainstream well over a year ago now, it still continues to interest and fascinate me. Team this with my obsession with rings, and together my hands look like an advertisement for a graveyard.

To my delight, key names were also able to feed my passion.

Alexander McQueen


Vivienne Westwood

Christian Audigier

Alexander McQueen

Is it possibly a little disturbing that such a conventionally horrific image, complete with numerously negative connotations, is such a popular seller amongst are retailers? Or is it just the fact that in the 21st Century, we are so overwhelmed and seemingly empowered by death, that it would be silly not to embrace it?

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