Friday, 17 December 2010


SNOG, Soho, London

Wednesday afternoon saw me take a trip to London. From Fitzroy Street, I met up with my sister and we decided to kill time and go on a walk and see where we ended up. With her being the cultural being that she is, we did not get lost, but rather, came into the very lively and amicable Soho, where I was introduced to my new guilt-free pleasure; SNOG - a frozen yoghurt store/cafe, selling fat and sugar free deliciousness. 
Though I was too timid to copy my sister's 'Hot Apple Crumble and Cinnamon' delight, I was kindly offered a 'free sample' from the man behind the counter (clearly the look of awe and bewilderedness on my face was not quite as hidden as I would have hoped). Presented with a miniature pot of what looked like ice-cream, I was then faced with the task of how to eat it, and knew in my mind that I had only two options, seeing as any hope of a spoon had gone out the window. 
So I dipped my finger in; much to my sisters, and clearly the assistants, horror. Three finger-scoops and a tongue full later, the frozen desert was gone, and my taste buds, very happy.

Although I'm very much looking forward to my next adventure at SNOG, I must admit that I am rather saddened that I no longer count as a 'Never been? Have a free sample!' customer.

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