Monday, 4 April 2011

Charlie Le Mindu

I have been neglecting blogging majorly lately, in favour of things that not even I am sure of!
Nonetheless, I've been desperate to talk about Charlie for ages and ages now, and after two cups of tea this morning, feel I am finally prepared to do exactly that.

Hairdresser turned designer.
Perhaps this is where my great love for the man came from. Being a lover of both hair and fashion, I find his work inquisitively fascinating and something of a masterpiece.
I've always been known to have a keen interest in both 'macabre' (after a beginning DVC project) and the interaction with death and fashion (especially skulls) and so to me, Le Mindu's work could not be more satisfying.
His latest A/W show at London Fashion Week, titled 'Violence', may have caused quite a stir, but that just makes him all the more admirable in my eyes.

"Half dead looking models glided down the runway to the sound track of squealing pigs, with dripping blood ( fake, surely ) white lace, gas masks, graffiti covered pink jackets and military influenced hats, anti fashion at its best."

Styling: Anna Trevelyan   MakeUp: Thomas de Kluyver

Being a keen lover of hair myself (having wanted to be a hairdresser from the age of 10!), I am almost desperate to have my hair done by him - though God knows how appropriate it will be for my day-to-day life! Having already styled the manes of VV Brown, Florence Welch, MGMT and Lady Gaga, it really is no surprise that Le Mindu is under such demand.
In addition to his private salon, Charlie's latest conquest was the creation of a 'pop up salon' and is to appear once a month at 'concept store' Machine-A, Soho, giving the likes of you and me a chance to have your hair cut and/or styled by the God himself. The only tricky part, is getting the appointment.

See some of his 'fashion' hair work here.

And just incase anyone heard about the famous 'naked' show he released for S/S 11, watch the video below for a little taste of Le Mindu hair-raising style.

I genuinely cannot wait to see what he does next.
What a guy.

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