Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Band of Outsiders Fall'11 RTW

Possibly a little naive of me, and maybe something which I shouldn't admit on a fashion blog, but I had never heard of Band of Outsiders before; and having had their latest collection saved in my images for nearly a week now, I think it's about time that I spread the word.

Seeing as they started out as a menswear brand, I feel a little more at easy with my lack of knowledge. The inspiration and creation behind the label lies in the clever hands of Scott Sternberg, releasing the brand to the world in 2004.
 The more recent womenswear addition to the collection 'girl', has also made an impressive start, whilst the original womens line 'boy' encaptured straight-cut tailoring and fairly monotone colouring, allowing the overall essence of the masculine brand to stay in tact - dare I say, almost like an urbanised 21st Century version of Chanel.

With a general feel of ease about the clothes in the entire collection, there were elements of both preppy casual and urban chic. Teaming together polo shirts and fur jackets in the 'band' menswear line may seem like a bit of an odd combination, but somehow it worked perfectly, creating a laidback style of its own.

Only 7 years under the belt, but having gained a repitoire with clients such as Kid Cudi, James Marsden and Kirsten Dunst, this brand is definitely one to watch.

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