Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Andrej Pejic

I first discovered Andrej in the 'Back To The Future' Winter '10 issue of i-D magazine. Flicking through the pages, I casually thought that I was just looking at another topless female model, who happened to be particularly striking looking, and very similar to a friend of mine Georgia Frost - who now happens to be an international super model.
It was only when I was left lingering on these images, that I realised that in fact, the model I had been looking at, was a man. And a bloody beautiful one at that.

 Andrej was only signed by Storm in 2010, but is now ranked as #11 in the 'Top 50 Male Models' listings. And only being 19 years old, that is definitely something to brag about.
He has pure masculine arrogance, but also has a very feminine way in which he interacts - coining the term 'femiman'. I love how versatile he is as a model, being able to demonstrate characteristics from each gender; and not surprisingly, he has become hugely desirable by top designers, having already worked with Galliano and Marc Jacobs.

‎”Sometimes I do just have to stop and hit myself in the head with my diamond-encrusted vase.” - Andrej Pejic

Have a look for yourself, either online or in a copious amounts of magazines, including the recent edition of Vanity Fair (Italian) and Dazed. I also watched a video of him today alongside female model Trina for Dossier Journal - if you like what you see, definitely give this a watch! Bringing back the androgynous trend and making it so utterly sexy, he really is breath-takingly capturing, that I personally find hard to draw my eyes away.

(Photos: FTape and AndrejPejicDaily)

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