Monday, 14 March 2011

Fashionable Education

Being a lover of both labels and literacy, I was all too fascinated when I read about this collaboration on Twitter (of all places!) Having only heard of the legendary Shakespeare & Company through passing, I found it more than essential to make it my priority to find out more. 

Located opposite the Notre Dame in Paris, the book store is the hub for book-lovers alike; and being the host to multiple events and presenter of the Paris Literary Prize, it is hardly shocking that the store is such a treasured gem. 

So why did part-time French designer Olympia Le-Tan choose this spot as the place to launch her new A/W11 accessories collection? 
If you are unfamiliar with her previous work, then it may seem like an odd selection, but just a quick browse through her website will alert any untrained eye that this designers focus is on what I would call 'book bags' 
(NB: this is not an official term, but one that seemed appropriate!). 

Named 'Housewive's Choice', the latest embroidered collection varied slightly from her usual themes of fiction novels such as 'Moby Dick' and 'Lolita'. Instead, the 'Housewive's Choice' bags are themed around cooking books. 
From the images I have managed to preview, the whole collection has a very kitsch feel, verging on 50s stereotypical vintage, which has been a popular trend and is also in keeping with her own personal style.

I personally think that the whole collaboration is both fun and original, and strays away from the usual cliche and celebrity. And if I had a spare few thousand pounds going, I would definitely be on the next flight to Paris.

(Photo Credit: Dazed Digital and Purple Diary)

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